View Details for a Nessus Scanner

Required User Role: Administrator

For more information, see Nessus Scanners.

To view details for a Nessus scanner:

  1. Log in to Director via the user interface.

  2. Click Scan InfrastructureNessus Scanners.

    The Nessus Scanners page appears.

  3. In the row for the scanner for which you want to view details, click the actions menu.

    The actions menu appears.

  4. Click View.

    The View Nessus Scanner page appears.

    Section Action
    Options drop-down box
    • To edit the scanner, click Edit.
    • To delete the scanner, click Delete, as described in Delete a Nessus Scanner.
    • To download logs for the scanner, click Download Logs. For more information, see Download Nessus Scanner Logs.
    General View general information about the scanner.
    Authentication View authentication information for the scanner.
    Active Scans View active scan information for the scanner.

    View agent information for the scanner.

    • Agent Capable — Specifies whether the scanner is agent capable: Yes or No.
    • Organizations — If the scanner is agent capable, the organization configured for the scanner.
    • API Keys Set — If the scanner is agent capable, specifies whether API keys are configured for the scanner: Yes or No.
    Data summary

    View metadata and performance metrics for the scanner.

    Note: Director refreshes the load information every 15 minutes.

    Nessus Scanner Health

    If you are viewing details for a managed Nessus scanner running version 8.2.0 or later, view scanner health summary data:

    • Running Scans — The number of scans currently running on the scanner.
    • Hosts Being Scanned — The number of hosts currently being scanned by the scanner.
    • CPU Load — The percent of the total CPU currently in use by the scanner.
    • Total Memory — The total memory installed on the scanner.
    • Memory Used — The percent of the total memory currently in use by the scanner.
    • Total Disk Space — The total disk space installed on the scanner.
    • Disk Space Used — The percent of the total disk space currently in use by the scanner.
    • Last Updated — The date and time last updated the scanner data. refreshes the data when you load the View Nessus Scanner page. To force a manual refresh, click the refresh button.