Apply a New License

Required User Role: Administrator

To apply a license for an additional Tenable product, add the license activation code. To update a license for an existing Tenable product, see Update an Existing License.

For general information about licensing, see License Requirements. For information about adding a license during quick setup, see Quick Setup.

To apply a new Nessus, NNM, or LCE license:

  1. Log in to via the user interface.

  2. Click System > Configuration.

    The Configuration page appears.

  3. Click the License tile.

    The License Configuration page appears.

  4. Click the product box for the license you want to apply.

  5. In the box, type the activation code for the product.
  6. Click Register. updates the page to reflect the activation code status:

    • Valid Code: A green box with a check mark.
    • Invalid Code: A red box with an X.

    If the code is valid, initiates a plugin download.