Scan Zones

Scan zones are areas of your network that you want to target in an active scan, associating an IP address or range of IP addresses with one or more scanners in your deployment. You must create scan zones in order to run active scans on your managed instances.

If your deployment includes Director, you can use it to monitor the scan zones on your managed instances.

For more information, see View Your Scan Zones.

Option Description Instance The name of the managed instance where you configured the scan zone.
Name A name for the scan zone.
Description (Optional) A description for the scan zone.

One or more IP addresses that you want the scan zone to target. Supported formats:

  • a comma-separated list of IP addresses and/or CIDR addresses.
  • a newline-separated list of IP addresses and/or CIDR addresses.
  • a hyphenated range of IP addresses (e.g.,

One or more scanners that you want to use to scan the Ranges in this scan zone.

Note: Do not choose scanners that cannot reach the areas of your network identified in the Ranges. Similarly, consider the quality of the network connection between the scanners you choose and the Ranges.