Update an Existing License

Required User Role: Administrator

If you need to replace your Tenable.sc Director license or the license activation code for your Nessus, Nessus Network Monitor, or Log Correlation Engine license, update the license.

To apply a new license for an additional Tenable product for the first time, see Apply a New License.

You can update your Tenable.sc Director license in an externally connected or air-gapped environment. Tenable.sc Director requires an internet connection to validate product licenses for Nessus, NNM, or LCE.

For general information about licensing, see License Requirements.

To update a license:

  1. Log in to Tenable.sc Director via the user interface.

  2. Click System > Configuration.

    The Configuration page appears.

  3. Click the License tile.

    The License Configuration page appears.

  4. To replace your Tenable.sc Director license, in the Tenable.sc Director License section:

    1. Click Update License.
    2. Click Choose File and browse to the license file you want to upload.

      Tenable.sc Director applies the new license.

  5. To replace an activation code for an integrated product license, in the Activation Codes section:
    1. Click the green check mark.
    2. Click Reset Activation Code.
    3. In the box, paste your product license activation code.
    4. Click Register.

      Tenable.sc Director communicates with the Tenable product registration server to validate your license activation code.

      If the code is valid, Tenable.sc Director applies the new license and initiates a plugin download.