Quick Setup

The Tenable.sc Director Quick Setup Guide walks through the following configurations:

After configuring, Review and confirm.


Upload your Tenable.sc Director license.

Tenable.sc Director License

  1. Click Choose File to upload the Tenable.sc Director license file you received from Tenable.

    The file should follow the format:

    <CompanyName>_SC<IP Count>-<#>-<#>.key

  2. Click Activate.

    The page confirms successful upload and activation of a valid license.

Activation Codes

Consider adding additional license activation codes to allow Tenable.sc Director to update plugins:

  • Tenable.sc license activation code — required before adding any Nessus scanners. The Tenable.sc license activation code allows Tenable.sc to download plugins and update Nessus scanner plugins.

    In the Nessus section, type the Tenable.sc activation code and click Register.

  • NNM license activation code — required before using and managing attached NNM scanners.

    In the NNM section, type the NNM activation code and click Register.

  • LCE Activation Code — required before downloading LCE Event vulnerability plugins to Tenable.sc. The LCE Activation Code allows Tenable.sc to download event plugins, but it does not manage plugin updates for LCE servers.

    In the LCE section, type the Log Correlation Engine activation code and click Register.

Click Next to continue.

A plus (+) sign indicates that no license is applied for the product. A box with an X indicates an invalid activation code. Click on the plus (+) or X to add or reset a license activation code.

A box with a checkmark indicates a valid license is applied and that Tenable.sc initiated a plugin download in the background.

The download may take several minutes and must complete before initiating any Nessus scans. After the download completes, the Last Updated date and time update on the Plugins page.

Connect Tenable.sc Instances

Connect the Tenable.sc instances you want to monitor from Tenable.sc Director. For information about the options you configure, see Managed Tenable.sc Instance Settings.


An organization is a set of distinct users and groups and the resources they have available to them. For information about the options you can configure, see Organizations.

You can configure one organization during initial setup. If you want to use multiple organizations, you must configure other organizations after the Quick Start.


You must create one administrator and one security manager during initial setup. For more information, see User Roles.

  • Security manager — a user to manage the organization you just created. After you finish initial setup, the security manager can create other user accounts within the organization.

  • Administrator — a user to manage Tenable.sc. After you finish initial setup, the administrator can create other organizations and user accounts.

After creating the security manager user and setting the administrator password, click Next to finish initial setup. The Admin Dashboard page appears, where you can review login configuration data.


The review page displays your currently selected configurations. If you want to make further changes, click the links in the left navigation bar.

When you are finished, click Confirm.