Download the Tenable Container Security Scanner

Required Additional License: Tenable Container Security

Required Tenable Vulnerability Management User Role: Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

Download the Container Security Scanner Docker image to the machine where you want to configure and run the Container Security Scanner.

Before you begin:

To download the CS Scanner:

  1. In the Connectors section of the Container Security dashboard, click Create.

    The Select a Connector plane appears.

  2. Under CONTAINER SECURITY, click CS Scanner.

    The CS Scanner plane appears with login credentials.

  3. Copy or take a screenshot of the credentials to use later in the download process.
  4. In the command-line interface (CLI) on the machine where you want to download the Container Security Scanner, run the following command:

    docker login
  5. Press Enter.

    The CLI prompts you to provide a username and password.

  6. Update the fields using the credentials provided on the CS Scanner plane.
  7. Press Enter.

    Tenable Vulnerability Management logs you in to the Container Security Scanner.

  8. Type the following to pull the latest version of the Container Security Scanner image:

    docker pull
  9. Press Enter.

What to do next: