Explore Overview

On the Explore Overview page, customizable dashboards present your organization’s findings and assets in visual overviews that enable you to spot trends. For example, you can view assets by source, average scan duration over time, or average vulnerabilities per asset over time. You can hover over individual items to reveal additional information, click on items to drill down into details, or export data. Tenable Vulnerability Management updates your dashboards whenever you run a scan.

Note: Tenable Vulnerability Management indexes your scan data before updating dashboards, so updates do not appear immediately. Tenable Vulnerability Management may display up to 30 minutes of cached data before updating dashboards.

View the Explore Overview Page

To view the Explore Overview page:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click the Menu button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. In the left navigation plane, click Explore.

    The Explore Overview page appears. It contains the following widgets:

    Widget Description
    All Vulnerabilities Shows your asset source trend data over time, using colored lines to distinguish between sources.
    Licensed Assets Shows your licensed assets, which includes all asset types for the last 14 days.
    Agent Scans Shows agent scans for the last 14 days.
    Average Vulns Per Asset Shows vulnerabilities per asset for host type vulnerabilities over the last 14 days.
    Average VPR Score Shows the Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) score for host type vulnerabilities over the last 14 days.
    Average VPR (Days) Shows the average age VPR in days of host type vulnerabilities over the last 14 days.
    Trend - Vulnerabilities, Assets, and Scan Duration Shows trend data for scan results, including the total number of discovered vulnerabilities and assets over time, and scan duration.
    Assets by Source Shows a list of the scanners that scanned the most assets in the last 14 days, sorted by the number of assets scanned.