Install Sensor Proxy

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you meet the Sensor Proxy requirements.
  • Download the Sensor Proxy package.

To install Sensor Proxy:

  1. Install Sensor Proxy using the following command, replacing the rpm file name with the Sensor Proxy package you downloaded:

    # rpm -ivh SensorProxy-versionnumber.el7.x86_64.rpm

    Sensor Proxy takes several minutes to install, and displays a success message when complete.

  2. Link Sensor Proxy to Tenable Vulnerability Management using the following command:

    # /opt/sensor_proxy/sbin/configure --link --key=<linking key>

    Use the linking key for the Tenable Vulnerability Management instance you want to link to. For more information, see Retrieve the Tenable Nessus Agent Linking Key in the Tenable Vulnerability Management Vulnerability Management User Guide.

  3. Enable the Sensor Proxy service.

    # systemctl enable sensorproxy

  4. Start the Sensor Proxy service.

    # systemctl start sensorproxy

What to do next: