Scan Web Applications

Organizations face several challenges when scanning web applications. The most common challenges include the identification of web application vulnerabilities among the aggregation of assets, scans returning an overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, and the scarcity of application security specialists.

Tenable Web App Scanning provides easy-to-use, comprehensive, and automated vulnerability scanning for modern web applications, enabling security and development teams to quickly configure and manage web app scans in a matter of minutes with minimal tuning. For more information, read Getting Started with Tenable Web App Scanning.

Whether purchased as a module of Tenable Vulnerability Management or as a core component of the Tenable One, Tenable Web App Scanning provides this visibility as part of a comprehensive Cyber Exposure solution. Tenable Web App Scanning provides high detection rates with minimal false positives, revealing the true cyber risk in web applications. This enables security teams to view identified vulnerabilities to ensure visibility and prioritize remediation.

The Top 2017 OWASP Categories Discovered in the Last 14 days widget, which can be found in the Defending Against Ransomware (ACT) Tenable Vulnerability Management Dashboard and Tenable Vulnerability Management widget library, displays the percentages of active Web Application vulnerabilities from Tenable Web App Scanning by OWASP category.