Upgrade and Maintenance

As part of its upgrade program, Tenable frequently publishes updates to provide new detection capabilities and new features.

To upgrade Tenable Identity Exposure, deploy the installation packages on each Windows Server machine. For more information about the upgrade process, see Upgrade Tenable Identity Exposure.

Maintenance and Support Services

To keep servers in good security conditions the Tenable Identity Exposure platform requires access to the following support services.

During maintenance operations, Tenable Support requires administrative access to the operating systems that host Tenable Identity Exposure.

Service Name


Update management infrastructure

Your company's update management infrastructure (e.g., WSUS or SCCM) or Microsoft update servers on the Internet. This service applies security patches on the underlying operating system.

Time Server

Your company's time server (e.g., NTP server). This service synchronizes Tenable Identity Exposure’s platform internal clock to your reference time. Time synchronization offers consistent security monitoring.

Identity provider

Your identity and access provider. This service activates SAML, LDAP, or OAUTH authentication to Tenable Identity Exposure’s web services (portal, API, etc.).