Attack Path

Tenable Identity Exposure offers several ways to visualize the potential vulnerability of a business asset through graphical representations.

  • Attack Path: Shows the possible paths that an attacker can take to compromise an asset from an entry point.

  • Blast Radius: Shows the possible lateral movements into the Active Directory from any asset.

  • Asset Exposure: Shows all paths that can potentially take control of an asset.

Understanding the attack path enables you to identify necessary mitigation steps to block attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. This might involve patching systems, hardening configurations, implementing stronger access controls, or raising awareness among users.

Benefits of using Attack Path in Tenable Identify Exposure:

  • Proactive security: It helps anticipate and address potential attack vectors before they are exploited.

  • Prioritization: It guides towards focusing security efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities and attack paths.

  • Visualization: It provides a clear and easy-to-understand representation of complex security relationships within your AD.

  • Communication: It facilitates communication of security risks to stakeholders by offering visual evidence of potential attack scenarios.

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