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Tenable for Assets

Tenable for Assets seamlessly syncs and reconciles assets between and the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). With Tenable's sophisticated discovery and scanning technology and ServiceNow's extensive CMDB you can accurately track all of your assets.

Note:Tenable does not support Domain Separation because it requires data management at the individual domain level of a multi-level domain. Domain Separation is a specialty product for ServiceNow and the Tenable app suite features a single un-layered domain for the average enterprise implementation.

Note: The ServiceNow configuration only supports versions 5.7 and later.

Major Features

  • Customize how Tenable assets are matched to ServiceNow CIs
  • Create custom rules that automatically create ServiceNow CIs from Tenable assets
  • Review unmatched Tenable assets and manually match them to existing ServiceNow CIs.
  • Review unmatched Tenable assets and manually create new ServiceNow CIs.
  • Define which ServiceNow CIs are sent to Tenable as assets
  • Customize data mapping while keeping app upgradability
  • Report which assets are synced between Tenable and ServiceNow
  • Report which assets are not synced between Tenable and ServiceNow

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