Data Sources

A data source is any product that feeds data into the Tenable Inventory interface. By default, Tenable Inventory automatically ingests data from any Tenable product for which you have a license. On the Data Sources tab, you can view details for each data source.

To view the Data Sources page:

  1. Access the Settings menu.

  2. Click Data Sources.

    The Data Sources page appears.

On the Data Sources page, you can view the following information:

Column Description
Data Source The product feeding data into the Tenable Inventory interface.
Description A description of the data source.
Category The category to which the data source belongs. For more information, see Tenable Inventory Metrics.

Data Timing

Data within Tenable Inventory refreshes on the following cadence:

  • Asset Data — Asset information is updated every time the asset is seen as part of a scan.

  • Tag Application — When a tag is first created, it can take several hours to assign the tag to the appropriate asset, depending on the number of assets and the tag's rules.

  • Tag Reevaluation — Every 12 hours, Tenable Inventory automatically reevaluates tags to ensure they apply to newly discovered assets, and are removed from any inactive assets.