The Tenable Log Correlation Engine interface can be accessed by two user types: Administrator and Read Only. An Administrator user has the ability to perform all administration of the Tenable Log Correlation Engine interface. The Read Only user can only view the Health and Status page. A user’s privilege can be seen under User Type.

Note: Generally, when this documentation refers to a user, it means a user with Administrator privileges. Otherwise, the documentation will specify a Read Only user.

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Locked User Accounts

Users with locked accounts cannot login until an administrator unlocks their account. User accounts may be automatically locked if they do not follow the password reuse or login session policies an administrator configured. For more information about site policies, see Site Policies.

If a user's account becomes locked while that user is logged in, Tenable Log Correlation Engine immediately terminates the locked user's session.

You can unlock a user's account by doing one of the following:

You can check to see if a user's account is locked via the Tenable Log Correlation Engine web UI or the CLI, as described in View User Accounts. To lock a user's account, see Lock a User Account.