Account Details

On the Account Details plane, you can view the following information for a customer account:

Section Action
Edit Account
Client Data
  • Name — The customer account name.

  • Custom Name — The custom name of the account.

  • Region — The region in which the account resides.

Logo The logo of the customer account.
License Data
  • License Expiration Date — The date on which the license for the customer account expires.

  • Licensed Application — The list of applications for which the account has subscriptions.

  • Licenses Limit — The license limit for the account.

  • License Utilized — The license utilization of the account.

  • Utilization % — The percentage of licenses provisioned within the license limit.

Scan Data
  • Running — The number of running scans.

  • Completed — The number of completed scans.

  • Aborted — The number of aborted scans.

  • Canceled — The number of canceled scans.

Account Details For Support Ticket
  • Site — The location where your container resides.

  • Account UUID — The container ID.

  • Account Name — The customer account name.

  • Account Admin Email — The email address of the customer account administrator.

  • LMS ID — The customer ID.

Tip: To copy the information, in the upper-right corner of the section, click the button.

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