Tenable Core Offline ISO Updates (Q2 2021)

These release notes summarize updates made to Tenable Core in Q2 2021. Downloading and installing the most recent version of the offline ISO image initiates these updates on your Tenable Core machine.

Tip: Tenable recommends applying all offline updates, in order, to your offline Tenable Core machine. Do not skip offline updates.

To update using the Tenable Core offline ISO image, see the documentation for your application:

Note: To update Tenable Core + Tenable.ot using the offline ISO image, contact Tenable Support.

For more information about product updates, see the release notes for your application.

New Features and Changed Functionality

  • The Tenable Core wizard user is prevented from logging in after the system has been up for 20 minutes. If access is needed on a Tenable Core system that has been up for longer, a reboot is required.

  • Tenable Core locally generated certificates are now valid for each available IP address as well as the hostname.

  • New Tenable Core instances deployed in Azure will use the same disk layout as Tenable Core on other platforms; /opt and /var/log will be on separate partitions from /.

Bug Fixes

  • When installing Tenable Core from the ISO, it is no longer necessary to enter an empty value in the 3) proxy submenu after manually configuring network access.

Application Updates

Package Updates