Update Tenable Core Offline

Tenable recommends applying all offline updates, in order, to your offline Tenable Core machine. Do not skip offline updates.

For information about the contents of individual offline update files, see the Tenable Core Release Notes.

Note: Service pack (SP) updates to Tenable OT Security may not be available for an online update in Tenable's repositories. Complete an offline update by downloading the latest installation ISO and performing the offline update procedure if you wish to update your version.

To upload a Tenable Core offline update .iso file:

  1. Navigate to the Tenable Core Offline Update ISO section of the Tenable Downloads page.
  2. Click and download the offline update .iso file.

  3. Rename the offline update .iso file as tenable-offline-updates.iso.
  4. Upload the file via scp. For example:

    scp local-iso-file.iso user@host:/srv/tenablecore/offlineiso/tenable-offline-updates.iso

    Note: The target line may vary; however, the destination must be the following path:

After the upload, updates apply automatically at the configured time. You can also install updates manually.

Note: Once you upload the .iso file, no further action is needed. However, you can make subsequent updates by replacing the existing .iso file if desired.