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Caution: CentOS 7 will be end-of-support (EOS) as of June 30, 2024. As such, Tenable will also be ceasing support for all CentOS 7-based Tenable Core images and packages. Moving forward, Tenable urges customers to use our Oracle Linux 8-based Tenable Core images and packages to ensure that you are leveraging supported solutions.

Latest Release Notes

Release Notes Release Date
Q1 ISO Update 2024 2024-04-30
Q4 ISO Update 2023 2024-01-30
Q3 ISO Update 2023 2023-10-25
Tenable Core OL8 NNM and Tenable Web App Scanning 2023-09-06
Tenable One-Click Nessus Agent 2023-08-29
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Tenable Core User Guides

Tenable Core is a lightly customized version of Oracle Linux 8. It has the following major features:
  • SELinux enabled
  • Configuration to meet some elements of the CIS Level 1 benchmarks
  • GUI for configuration of a number of applications and OS features
Tenable Core + NessusHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + Nessus Network MonitorHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + OT SecurityHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + OT Security SensorHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + Security CenterHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + Sensor ProxyHTML | PDF
Tenable Core + Web App ScanningHTML | PDF

Other Documentation


For training videos, see the Tenable Product Education channel.