Welcome to Tenable Core + Tenable Web App Scanning

Last updated: May 31, 2023

You can use the Tenable Core operating system to run an instance of Tenable.io Web Application Scanner in your environment. After you deploy Tenable Core + Tenable Web App Scanning, you can monitor and manage your Tenable.io Web Application Scanner processes through the secure Tenable Core platform.

To get started quickly with Tenable Core + Tenable Web App Scanning, see Get Started.


  • Secure, stable platform that reduces the time to your first scan.
  • Provides automatic application installation and updates via Tenable public repositories.
  • Built on CentOS 7.
  • Targets Center for Internet Security (CIS) standards for CentOS 7 with SELinux enabled. For more information, see Default Security Configuration Standards.
  • Root access enabled on builds.

Other Tenable Core Configurations

To run a different Tenable application on Tenable Core, see:

Note: Tenable does not recommend deploying multiple applications on a single instance of Tenable Core. If you want to deploy several applications on Tenable Core, deploy a unique instance for each application.