Welcome to Tenable Core + Tenable OT Security

Last updated: May 08, 2024

You can use the Tenable Core operating system to run an instance of OT Security in your environment. After you deploy Tenable Core + Tenable OT Security, you can monitor and manage your OT Security processes through the secure Tenable Core platform.

To get started quickly with Tenable Core + Tenable OT Security, see Get Started.


  • Secure, stable platform.
  • Provides automatic application installation and updates via Tenable public repositories.
  • Built on Oracle Linux 8.
  • Targets Center for Internet Security (CIS) standards for Oracle Linux 8 with SELinux enabled. For more information, see Default Security Configuration Standards.
  • Root access is enabled on all builds.

Other Tenable Core Configurations

To run a different Tenable application on Tenable Core, see:

Note: Tenable does not recommend deploying multiple applications on a single instance of Tenable Core. If you want to deploy several applications on Tenable Core, deploy a unique instance for each application.

Tenable Core Operating System Version Support

To see which versions of the products are currently available on each operating system version of Tenable Core, see the Versions page.