Tenable.cs 2.5.9 Release Notes (2023-01-17)

AWS SNS Alerts

The AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) integration page now requires you to provide the Role Name and External ID of the role with permissions to publish to the SNS topic. For more information, see Configure AWS SNS Alerts.

User Interface Changes

  • The Enable Vulnerability Scan (optional) option for Agentless Assessment is enabled by default for the system default cloud scan profile.

  • The Findings page now has the following changes:

    • You can now view CVSS3 Score on the Vulnerabilities tab.

    • The policy pane on the Misconfigurations tab now has a new resource view.

  • The Show All button is now removed from the Policies page.

  • The Reports page now includes tool tips for the compliance report coverage numbers.

  • Pagination is now available for the K8s clusters tab on the Projects and Connections page.

  • You can now add or remove columns in a page using the icon.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Fixed an issue with assigning a custom policy to the project.
Fixed an issue with mismatch between the severity of vulnerabilities shown in the Findings > Vulnerabilities page and the Vulnerabilities details pane for some plugins.
Fixed an issue integrating Tenable.cs with AWS SNS.
Fixed an issue with compliance status set incorrectly for the following policy: Ensure IAM password policy prevents password reuse.