Tenable.cs 2.6 Release Notes (2023-03-01)

Agentless Assessment for Azure

Tenable.cs now supports agentless scanning for Azure virtual machines. Agentless Assessment scans Azure virtual machines for vulnerabilities without installing any agents into your run-time infrastructure. It securely scans your resources inside your own environment. For more information, see Agentless Assessment.

Export to CSV Report

  • The Misconfiguration Report now includes IP Address, DNS, and Cloud Tags when exporting to CSV.

User Interface Changes

  • The Benchmark option is now available in the Filters drop-down in the Misconfigurations page.

  • Improvements to reduce the loading time of the Projects page.


  • Tenable.cs CLI now supports scanning the values files with names other than values.yaml in the Helm directories.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Fixed an issue with incorrect policy compliance shown for AC_AZURE_0108 and AC_AZURE_0109 policies.
Fixed an issue with the NIST-CSF policy group not appearing in the Policy Group filter in the Findings > Misconfigurations page.

Fixed an issue with incorrect compliance status shown with CloudTrail policy.

Fixed issues with timeout errors on the Tenable.cs user interface.
Fixed an issue with cloud scan for CloudTrail resources.
Fixed an error message when navigating to the Vulnerabilities dashboard.
Removed policies referring to Terraform Version 1.x for remediation.
Fixed an issue with Policy Group filter in the Findings > Misconfigurations page.
Fixed an issue where the scan time is different in the Projects and Manage scan profile pages.