User Access

The Users page provides the ability to add, edit, delete, or view the details of Tenable Security Center user accounts. When you view the Users page, you see a list of users and actions, limited by your account privileges. Your user role, organization membership, and/or group membership determine your account privileges. For more information, see User Roles and Organizations and Groups.

There are two categories of user accounts:

  • Administrator users have the system-provided administrator role and do not belong to organizations.
  • Organizational users have the system-provided security manager, auditor, credential manager, executive, security analyst, security manager, or vulnerability analyst role, or a custom role, and belong to an organization.

Tenable Security Center supports three types of user account authentication: TNS, LDAP, and SAML. For more information, see User Accounts.

To log in to the Tenable Security Center web interface with a user account, see Log In to the Web Interface or Log in to the Web Interface via SSL Client Certificate.