User Accounts

The Users page displays the user accounts on Tenable Security Center, limited by your account privileges. You can sort the columns or apply filters to locate specific user accounts. You can also add a user (Add a TNS-Authenticated User, Add an LDAP-Authenticated User, or Add a SAML-Authenticated User) or Delete a User.

You can create one or more administrator accounts on Tenable Security Center. You can create one or more organizational users (security managers and custom roles) per organization. Tenable recommends you make at least one TNS-authenticated administrator and security manager user per organization so that you can still log in if the LDAP or SAML service becomes unavailable. For more information about user account types, see User Access.

For more information about options available when configuring user accounts, see User Account Options.

Linked User Accounts

You can create linked user accounts and linked non-admin user accounts to allow users to switch between accounts without logging out and logging back in to Tenable Security Center. For more information, see Linked User Accounts.

API Keys

You can generate API keys to authenticate as a specific user for Tenable Security Center API requests. For more information, see API Key Authentication.