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Upload a Certificate for a Trusted Certificate Authority

Uploading a Trusted Certificate Authority certificate authenticates the user to a supported Tenable application and allows the user to securely access an application without having to log in using a password each time.

Caution: You need to add a Trusted Certificate Authority certificate only when using the SSL/TLS Certificates to authenticate to Nessus, Nessus Network Monitor, or or when authenticating to its Nessus scanners.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have the Trusted Certificate Authority certificate (.DER, .PEM, or .CRT are all accepted file extensions).
  • Make sure you're in the left navigation pane for the appropriate server.
  • Note: The left navigation pane will list system pages vertically. Click the host navigation host navigation button in the expanding panel to navigate to the left navigation pane from another section.

Upload a Trusted Certificate Authority Certificate:

  1. Click SSL/TLS Certificates.
  2. On the System Certificate tab, navigate to the TRUSTED CERTIFICATE AUTHORITIES: section.
  3. Under Add Certificate Authority:, find the Certificate: field and click Choose File.
  4. Select the certificate.
    Trusted Certificate Authorities section
  5. Click Install Certificate Authority. A success message displays letting you know the upload was successful.

Note: You can upload as many Trusted Certificate Authority certificates as needed. To remove a previously uploaded certificate, you must select the certificate and click the Delete button.

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