Scanner Groups

You can use scanner groups to organize and manage the scanners linked to your instance. For example, you can add all sensors related to a specific geographical location to a group, for example, a group named "East Coast Scanners."

You can add a scanner to one or more scanner groups.

When you create a scan, you can select the scanner group to use to launch the scan. Alternatively, you can select Auto-Select to enable scan routing for the scan, which assigns scans to scanners based on the targets configured in scanner groups. determines which scanner in a scanner group to use based on the following criteria:

  • The scanner is active and has communicated to within the last 5 minutes.
  • The scanner is running the lowest number of active scans and is scanning the lowest number of hosts.

Note: If your organization uses scan networks, you can only add scanners to scanner groups that belong to the same network. For more information, see Networks.

Note: If a remote scanner is part of a Scanner Group and is unlinked during its operations, the scan's operations complete, but does not include the unlinked scanner for future use.

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