Note: This section describes the new interface. For information about the classic interface, see Scans (Classic Interface). For information about navigating the new interface, see Navigate (New Interface).

You can create, configure, and manage scans in

Section Interface Description
Unified Scan Configuration (Beta) Scans (Unified Scan Configuration Beta)

Create, launch, and manage Vulnerability Management and Web Application scans in a unified user interface.

Note: If you want to view and use the unified scan configuration beta features, you need to opt in from the My Account page. For more information, see Enable the Unified Scan Configuration Beta Features.
Vulnerability Management Scanning Overview

New or Classic

Get started with Vulnerability Management scans.

Web Application Scanning Overview


Get started with Web Application scans.

Container Security Scanning Overview


Get started with Container Security scans.

Manage Scans New or Classic Create, import, and launch scans. View and manage scans and scan results.
Scan Templates and Settings New or Classic

Use a Tenable-provided scanner template, agent template or a user-defined template to configure scan settings.

Target Groups New or Classic Create and manage target groups to set permissions on which hosts a user can scan.
Exclusions New or Classic Create and manage exclusions to restrict the scanning of specific hosts based on a selected schedule.
Scanners Classic

Link your scanners to

Note: For sensors in the new interface, see Sensors.

Agents Classic

Link your agents to

Note: For agents in the new interface, see Agents.