Credentials in WAS Scans

Note: The topics in this section describe credentials in the new interface only. If you activate the new interface, you can view a snapshot of historical credentials that you configured in the classic interface, but you cannot modify those credentials.

For information about credentials in the classic interface, see Credentials (Classic Interface).

Note: You can set Credentials settings for single-target scans only. If you create a scan with more than one target, these settings are not available.

In web application scans, you can configure credentials settings that allow Web Application Scanning to perform an authenticated scan on a web application. Credentialed scans can perform a wider variety of checks than non-credentialed scans, which can result in more accurate scan results.

Scans in Web Application Scanning use managed credentials. Managed credentials allow you to store credential settings centrally in a credential manager. You can then add those credential settings to multiple scan configurations instead of configuring credential settings for each individual scan.

Web application scans support credentials in the following authentication types:

Tip: If want to scan an API with the API scan template, and your API requires keys or a token for authentication, you can add the expected custom headers in the Advanced settings in the HTTP Settings section.

You can configure credentials settings in web application scans using the following methods:

Credentials Category

Authentication Type

Configuration Method
HTTP Server Authentication Use the Web Application Scanning user interface to manually configure credentials settings in scans.

Web Application Authentication

Login Form
Cookie Authentication
Selenium Authentication

Do one of the following:

Tip: For information about Selenium scripts you can use with Web Application Scanning, see WAS Selenium Commands.

API Key Use the Web Application Scanning user interface to manually configure credentials settings in scans.
Bearer Authentication