Push a Container Image to Tenable.io Container Security

Required User Role: Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

Use Docker commands to download the image from the external registry where it resides and import it to Tenable.io Container Security.

The amount of time Tenable.io Container Security takes to scan the images in your registry and display the results depends on the size and number of images you scan.

Before you begin:

To push container image to Tenable.io Container Security:

  1. Use the docker pull command to download the image from an external registry.

    docker pull alpine:latest

  2. Use the docker tag command to add the registry.cloud.tenable.com tag.

    docker tag alpine:latest registry.cloud.tenable.com/alpine:latest

    Note: The registry.cloud.tenable.com tag prompts Docker to push the image to Tenable.io Container Security. If you do not add the registry.cloud.tenable.com tag, Docker automatically pushes the image to the Docker central repository.

  3. Use the docker push command to push the tagged image to Tenable.io Container Security.

    docker push registry.cloud.tenable.com/alpine:latest

    Docker pushes the image to Tenable.io Container Security. Tenable.io Container Security scans the images for vulnerabilities.

    Note: Tenable.io Container Security may abort scans for imported container images if the scans have been pending for 60 minutes. If Tenable.io Container Security aborts your scan, use the Tenable.io CS Scanner to scan your image or images. To download, configure, and run the Tenable.io CS Scanner, see Tenable.io Container Security Scanner.

What to do next: