Agent Scan Settings

For more information, see Agent Scans.

General Options





The scan name associated with the scan’s results. This may be any name or phrase (for example, SystemA, DMZ Scan, or Daily Scan of the Web Farm).



Descriptive information related to the scan.

Custom Policy

When enabled, select an agent scan policy to apply to the scan. For more information, see Scan Policy Templates.

When disabled, the scan uses a Nessus or Basic Agent Scan template. For more information, see Agent Scan and Policy Templates in the Nessus Agent Deployment and User Guide and Tenable-Provided Agent Templates in the User Guide.

Policy (If Custom Policy is enabled) The name of the agent scan policy. --

Agent Scanner

The Agent-enabled scanner from which to retrieve agent results.

Agent Groups Specifies the agent group or groups in Nessus Manager you want the scan to target. For more information, see Agent Groups in the Nessus User Guide. --

Scan Window

Specifies the amount of time waits before fetching the results of the agent scan: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or 1 day.

If fetches results for the scan before the scan completes, displays the results available at the time the scan window expired. The agent scan continues to run in or Nessus Manager during the scan window specified in or Nessus Manager, even if the scan window in expires.

Note: To view complete agent scan result data in, Tenable recommends setting a Scan Window value that allows your agent scans to complete before fetches the results.

1 hour


The frequency you want to fetch agent scan results: Now, Remediation, Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or On Demand.

Note: If you schedule your scan to repeat monthly, Tenable recommends setting a start date no later than the 28th day. If you select a start date that does not exist in some months (e.g., the 29th), cannot run the scan on those days.

Tip: Retrieve agent scan results as close to the completion time of the scan as possible to most accurately display within when the scan discovered the vulnerability results.

On Demand

Settings Options

Parameter Description Default

Import Repository

Specifies the repository where you want the agent scan results to import. Select an agent repository to receive scan data.

Note: You cannot import agent scan data to a non-agent repository.


Post Scan Options

These options determine what actions occur immediately before and after the agent scan completes.

Option Description Default

Add Report

This option provides a list of reports available to the user to run when the agent scan data import completes. For more information, see Add a Report to a Scan.