License Requirements does not support an unlicensed demo mode. License keys are required for and for all attached Tenable products. You first configure your license and additional Tenable product licenses during quick start, as described in Quick Setup.

You can update your license in an externally connected or air-gapped environment, as described in Update an Existing License. requires an internet connection to validate additional Tenable product licenses. To apply a license for an additional Tenable product, see Apply a New License. To update a license for an additional Tenable product, see Update an Existing License.

Tip: For information about product registration server communications encryption, see Encryption Strength.

Your License licenses are valid for a specific hostname and for a maximum number of active assets (identified by IP address or UUID). Assets are counted towards your license limit depending on how discovers, or sees, the asset. In general, an asset does not count against your license limit unless it has been assessed for vulnerabilities.

For example, if you purchase a 500 asset license, you can perform host discovery on your network but you cannot assess more than 500 assets. For more information about discovery and assessment scanning, see Scanning Overview. generates a warning in the web interface when you approach or exceed the license limit. To monitor your license limit, use the Licensing Status widget, as described in Overview Dashboard. To upgrade your license, contact your Tenable representative.

Counted Toward License

Not Counted Toward License

  • IP addresses from active scans

  • IP addresses from Log Correlation Engine instances

  • IP addresses from NNM instances not in discovery mode

  • UUIDs from Tenable.ot instances

  • IP addresses in offline repositories that you downloaded using the same instance or license

A single IP address or UUID counts once toward your license, even if it was scanned by multiple methods or stored in multiple repositories.

Note: If you use an alternative port scanner, counts the detected IP addresses against your license.

  • IP addresses present only from imports to offline repositories

  • IP addresses present only from NNM instances in discovery mode

  • IP addresses in offline repositories that you downloaded using the same instance with a different license

  • IP addresses in offline repositories that you downloaded using a different instance and license

  • The following excluded plugins:

    Nessus — 10180, 10287, 10335, 11219, 11933, 11936, 12053, 14272, 14274, 19506, 22964, 33812, 33813, 34220, 34277, 45590, 54615, 87413, 112154, and 161455.

    NNM0, 12, 18, 19, 20, 113, and 132.

    LCE — 800000 through 800099.

Your Product Licenses

Tip: Tenable rebranded Continuous View as

If you want to use with other Tenable products, you must add their activation codes to For more information, see Apply a New License.

Your Tenable Lumin License

If you want to view and analyze your data in using Tenable One, you must acquire a Tenable Lumin license for use with your deployment.

Tip: Synchronized assets that count toward your license also count toward your license.

For more information, contact your Tenable representative.