Overview Dashboard

Tenable provides the Overview dashboard to administrator users by default. For more information, see View a Dashboard.



Licensing Status

How close am I to hitting my license limit?

View a graph of your total license size compared to your total currently active IP addresses.

Repository Statistics

How am I using my repositories?

View information about your repositories:

  • Name — The name of the repository.

  • Vuln Count — The number of vulnerability instances in the repository.

    Tip: A vulnerability instance is a single instance of a vulnerability appearing on an asset, identified uniquely by plugin ID, port, and protocol.

  • Last Update — The date and time of the most recent scan that updated the repository data.

  • IP/Device Count — The number of IP addresses in the repository counting toward your Tenable Security Center license.

  • Type — The repository type.

  • Data Format — The type of data stored in the repository: IPv4, IPv6, Mobile, or Agent.

System Status

Is the Tenable Security Center job daemon running?

  • View the status of the job daemon, which powers the job queue.

  • To change the status of the job daemon, click Start or Stop.

    Tenable Security Center changes the status of the job daemon.

Scanner Status

What is the status of my scanners?

View information about your scanners:

  • Name — The name of the scanner or instance.

  • Type — The type of connection: Passive or Active.

  • Status — The status of the scanner or instance.

Latest Plugins

What plugins were most recently changed in a feed update?

View information about the latest plugin changes in feed updates.

  • ID — The plugin ID.

  • Name — The name of the plugin.

  • Family — The plugin family.

  • Type — The plugin type.

  • Date — The date and time of the feed update that contained the plugin change.