Documentation for Tenable Core and the Tenable Virtual Appliance

Latest Release Notes

Version Release Date
4.8.0 2018-12-03
4.7.0 2018-01-15
4.6.1 2017-06-29
4.6.0 2017-06-14
4.5.0 2017-03-07

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Tenable Core

  • Tenable Core is the name of the Virtual Appliance platform that Tenable uses as the base for many of its applications. Tenable Core is a lightly customized version of CentOS 7. It has the following major features - SELinux enabled, configuration to meet some elements of the CIS Level 1 benchmarks, and a GUI for configuration of a number of application and O/S features.

  • Tenable Core User Guide

Core Release Notes Release Date
December 2018-12-05
November 2018-11-05
October 2018-10-05
September 2018-09-04
August 2018-08-22

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Offline ISO Release Notes Release Date
December (4th Quarter) 2018-12-19

User Guides

Name Version Format
Appliance User Guide 4.8.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.7.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.6.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.5.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.3.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.2.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.1.x HTML
Appliance User Guide 4.0.x PDF
Appliance User Guide 300 (Hardware) PDF
Appliance User Guide 3.5.x PDF
Appliance Quick Start Guide 100/200 (Hardware) PDF

Other Documentation