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Set Admin Password

Once you have accepted the license, the next screen prompts you to create a password for the admin user. This password can be changed at a later time and additional users can be added as required:

After the admin password is set, you will be prompted to log in:

The authentication dialog box will look different depending on the web browser and theme used.

The Tenable Appliance interface limits the number of failed login attempts. After several unsuccessful attempts, the IP address will be blocked from further login attempts for a period of ten minutes.

The QRCode image of Recovery Secret page is displayed when you first log in. While not mandatory, scanning the image or entering the text of the recovery secret to your HOTP program will provide a method to reset your password if lost or forgotten utilizing a onetime password. Once your HTOP software is set up to provide a password, enter the code and click the “Check” button to confirm the correct code is generated. For more information about the HOTP functionality, please review the Appliance Management Interface Users section later in this document.

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