Update Appliance

Updates can be downloaded from the Tenable Support Portal located under Updates on the Tenable Appliance download page. The update(s) should be stored locally before performing the installation. Update packages can be applied to either the hardware or VM version of the appliance, unless otherwise noted.

To apply the update, go to the location where the update file was saved and click Apply Update. A green banner will display if the update is successful. A red banner will display if the update is unsuccessful stating the problem that caused the error.

The update can be confirmed by viewing the version information in the Appliance tab.

Update Availability Detection

The Appliance has the ability to check for updates. When an update has been detected, a banner will appear at the top of the interface until it is installed.

The check can run automatically on a regular schedule or instantaneously, when a user clicks the Check for Updates button. It is set to check automatically once per day by default. Using the drop-down menu, the automatic check option may be set to on a regular schedule or never. Click the Configure Automatic Update Detection button to set up automatic checks.

In addition, an HTTP proxy may be configured. This proxy setting only applies to the Update Availability Detection option.


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