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Users also have the option of adding a VLAN by selecting from a list of options. (The user does not have to complete this section if they have already configured the VLAN via the Bulk Import/Configuration section).

  • VLAN ID – This is the VLAN tag ID . The number can range from 1 to 4094.
  • Status – Specifies the type of IP address that will be used. Users will have the option to select IPv4 or IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Use DHCP – This option should be set if the users have not specified an IP Address/Netmask pair. If “No” is selected, the user must have an IP Address/Netmask pair on file. Users have the option of using Version 4, Version 6, or Version 4 and Version 6.
  • Use Nameservers from DHCP – This option will activate dependent on the Version selected in Use DHCP. This needs to be selected for DHCP responses. This entry is typically the same as the Use DHCP selection.
  • Accept IPv6 Auto Configuration – This feature is offered when using the IPv6 configuration option. Selecting “Yes” will allow the automatic configuration of connected devices over the IP network.
  • Current IP Addresses – Lists the current IPv4 and IPv6 addresses configured for the interface.
  • Configured IP Addresses – A text entry field to configure static IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses.
  • Static Routes – Use this option if static routes are preferred. Enter the data in the following format.

    Input as: <HOST/NETWORK> (via <GATEWAY>) (dev eth#) (metric #)

    For example: via

    For example: 2001:db8::/32 via 2001:db8::1

After the information has been entered, click Add VLAN. A confirmation, highlighted in green, will appear at the top of the screen with a note in the Bulk Import/Configuration section detailing the next step. You must click the Configure VLAN Interfaces options at the bottom of the page for the data to be imported. If you do not click Configure VLAN Interfaces, the added configuration will be lost.

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