Asset Filters

You can add filters to your inventory to view assets by their importance. Each asset has 130+ properties that can be filtered using one or more filters.

To filter your assets:

  1. At the top of the table, click Add Filter.

    The Add Filter drop-down appears.

  2. Use the Search for Filters box or select the filter from the list. For example, Name.

    The list of operators appears.

  3. Select the operator. For example, contains.

  4. Type the value of the filter, if needed.

  5. Click Done.

  6. (Optional) To add another filter, click Add Filter.

    1. Repeat steps from 2 to 5.

      Tenable Attack Surface Management adds a new third filter to the list with the following options:

      • that match all filters —  Lists only the assets that match all the filters.

      • that match any filters — Lists assets that match any one of the filters.

    2. Select one of the options and click Done.

      Tenable Attack Surface Management shows the filtered results.



  • Filter assets that have a TLS certificate that expires within 3 days.

    1. Click Add Filter.

      A drop-down menu appears.

    2. Select the SSL/TLS Expiration filter.

    3. In the expires in box, type 3.

    4. Click Done.

      Tenable Attack Surface Management limits your list of assets to only those that have an SSL/TLS certificate expiring within 3 days.

When applying a filter, a column corresponding to the filter is also included in the results. In this case, because the SSL/TLS Expiration filter is used, Tenable Attack Surface Management adds an SSL/TLS Expiration column.

Using Multiple Filters

Multiple filters can be used at the same time to add incredible granularity. When using multiple filters, you have an option of matching "all" or "any" filters.

The following are examples of using multiple filters:

  • Assets not hosted in the United States

  • Assets not hosted in the USA that sets cookies

  • Assets not hosted in the USA that sets cookies, whose registrar email address contains the word "hostmaster, and has port 3306 open.