Asset Prioritization

Tenable Attack Surface Management ranks your assets and assigns a severity level to the assets based on their security risk. You can use the severity ranking to prioritize the assets that require immediate attention. The Severity column of the asset table shows the severity of an asset as Low, Medium, High, Critical, or None.

Tenable Attack Surface Management calculates the severity ranking for an asset by matching the asset information with a given set of criteria. Any change or update to the asset changes the severity level of that asset. For example, an asset with a Critical severity with a vulnerability issue moves to Medium or Low severity after you remediate the issue and recan the asset.

To enable the Severity column for your assets:

  1. In Tenable Attack Surface Management, click the button.

    A menu appears.

  2. In the drop-down list, click Manage Columns.

    The Select data types to list page appears.

  3. In the Tenable.asm section, select the Severity checkbox.

  4. Click Show.

    Tenable Attack Surface Management includes the Severity column in the assets table.