2-12: Cybersecurity Incident and Threat Management

The objective for domain 2-12, The National Cybersecurity Authority states:

“To ensure timely identification, detection, effective management, and handling of cybersecurity incidents and threats to prevent or minimize negative impacts on an organization’s OT/ICS operation.”

Tenable Research delivers world-class exposure intelligence, data science insights, zero-day research, and security advisories. Our Security Response Team (SRT) in Tenable Research tracks threat and vulnerability intelligence feeds to make sure our research teams can deliver sensor coverage to our products as quickly as possible. The SRT also works to dig into technical details and author whitepapers, blogs, and additional communications to ensure stakeholders are fully informed of the latest cyber risks and threats. The SRT provides breakdowns for the latest critical vulnerabilities on the Tenable blog.

When security events rise to the level of taking immediate action, Tenable - leveraging SRT intelligence - notifies customers proactively to provide exposure information, current threat details and how to use Tenable products and capabilities to accelerate remediation.

The Tenable Research Advisories: Urgent Action dashboards in Tenable Vulnerability Management and Tenable Security Center contain indicator style widgets to highlight any vulnerabilities related to the Tenable Research Advisories. Here, Tenable issues customer guidance that immediate remediation is of paramount importance to all affected organizations. Tenable recommends addressing missing patches as identified in the dashboard components.