Container Security Scanner System Requirements

The machine where you want to run the Tenable Container Security Scanner must meet the following requirements:

Software and Hardware Requirements

Deployment Type Software Requirements RAM Temporary Storage CPU

Able to run Linux containers

2 GB   15 GB   64-bit multi-core, x86 compatible


The machine where you want to run the Container Security Scanner must have access when you download and run the scanner.

SSL Certificate Requirements

If the registry that hosts your images requires the HTTPS protocol, you must have an SSL certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) installed on the registry. Refer to your registry's documentation for installing an SSL certificate.

Mozilla's CA Certificate Store is the Tenable Container Security Scanner's trusted certificate authority.

Note: If you want the Container Security Scanner to scan the registry without verifying that a trusted CA signed the certificate, you must include the ALLOW_INSECURE_SSL_REGISTRY variable when you run the scanner. For more information, see Environment Variables in the Tenable Container Security User Guide.