LCE Licensing Requirements

LCE requires an activation code, which may be purchased directly from Tenable Network Security or through Authorized Enterprise Partners. The code will be used when installing and configuring your copy of LCE and each attached (formerly SecurityCenter).

There is no licensed limit to the number of events or IP addresses that the LCE can be configured to monitor. Instead, LCE is licensed by the maximum amount of storage to be used by the LCE installation.

There are different licenses available for the LCE based on the total amount of storage used by the LCE. The licenses are based on 1 TB, 5 TB, and 10 TB storage sizes. A license for LCE is provided as a part of CV. There is no difference in the LCE software that is installed, just the maximum storage size that can be used by the LCE. The size limit of the Elasticsearch databases can be configured via the LCE interface. Data that exceeds your license limit will be archived.