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NNM Licensing Requirements

NNM Subscription

A NNM subscription Activation Code is available that enables NNM to operate in Standalone mode. This mode enables NNM results to be viewed from an HTML interface enabled on the NNM server.

Activation Code

To obtain a Trial Activation Code for NNM, contact Trial Activation Codes are handled the same way by NNM as full Activation Codes, except that Trial Activation Codes allow monitoring for only 30 days. During a trial of NNM, all features are available. Continuous View Continuous View includes NNM as part of a bundled license package with This license allows an unlimited number of NNM deployments to monitor an unlimited number of networks. CV’s IP view is constrained by the license purchased with it.

Nessus Cloud

Nessus Cloud pushes plugins down to NNM. The number of NNM deployments is determined by your Nessus Cloud licensing.

High Performance Mode

NNM in High Performance Mode can be licensed in Standalone mode or bundled with CV.

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