Nessus Agent Hardware Requirements

Nessus Agents are designed to be lightweight and to use only minimal system resources. Generally, a Nessus Agent uses 40 MB of RAM (all pageable). A Nessus Agent uses almost no CPU while idle, but is designed to use up to 100% of CPU when available during jobs.

The following table outlines the minimum recommended hardware for operating a Nessus Agent. Nessus Agents can be installed on a virtual machine that meets the same requirements specified.


Minimum Requirement


1 Dual-core CPU

Processor Speed

> 1 Ghz

RAM > 1 GB
Disk Space
  • Agents 7.7.x and earlier: > 1 GB

  • Agents 8.0.x and later: > 3 GB

  • Agents 10.0.x and later: > 2 GB

More space may be required during certain processes, such as a plugins-code.db defragmentation operation.

Disk Speed 15-50 IOPS