Security Profiles

Required User Role: Administrator or organizational user with appropriate permissions.

Profiles allow you to create and customize your own view of risks affecting your Active Directory.

Each profile shows exposure and attack scenarios configured for users with that profile. For example, an IT administrator's general view of the data analysis can be different from that of the Security team, which shows a comprehensive view of all the risks that AD infrastructures face.

Applying a security profile allows different types of users to review the data analysis from different reporting angles, as defined by the indicators for that security profile.

The Security Profiles Management pane allows you to maintain different types of users who can review security analysis from different reporting angles. Security profiles also allow you to customize the behavior of indicators of exposure and indicators of attack.

Note: Tenable Identity Exposure provides a default security profile called "Tenable". You cannot modify or delete the Tenable profile, but you can use it as a template to create other security profiles with adjusted settings according to your needs.

What to do next

To complete the profile creation, see Customize an Indicator for more information.

For more information, see: