Reporting Center

The Reporting Center in Tenable Identity Exposure provides a valuable feature that allows you to export important data as reports to key stakeholders within an organization. The reporting center offers a means to create reports from a predefined list, ensuring an efficient and streamlined process.

It offers the following functions:

  • Granular filtering: Refine reports using granular filters based on date range, domain, Indicator of Attack (IoA), Indicator of Exposure (IoE), and more, ensuring laser-focused insights.

  • Automated delivery: Schedule reports for automatic generation and delivery at desired intervals, streamlining security monitoring and reporting processes.

  • Flexible exporting: Export reports in various formats like CSV for further analysis, sharing using reports access key, or integration with existing reporting workflows.

Administrators can create different types of report for different users with flexible reporting timeframes of up to one quarter. The ability to share critical identity data from Tenable Identity Exposure empowers the organization to mitigate proactively risk and identify potential identity-based attacks.

To download a report, users receive an email with a URL to a page in which they enter a report access key that they received from their administrator. Reports are available for download for 30 days, after which they age out and Tenable Identity Exposure deletes them. Users must download their reports before Tenable Identity Exposure generates a new one for the specified timeframe and overwrites the previous one.