Industrial Security Navigation

The top navigation menu displays three main pages: Monitoring, Topology, and Settings. Click a page name to open that page.

Click the username to display a drop-down box with two options: Change Password and Sign Out.

Note: The Configuration page is available only to users with administrative privileges.

The bell () icon toggles the Notification History box, which displays a list of notifications, successful or unsuccessful login attempts, errors, and system information generated by Industrial Security. The color of the bell changes based on the nature of the notifications in the list. If there are no alerts, or all notifications are information alerts, then the bell is white. If there are error alerts in the notification list, then the bell is red. The Notification History box displays up to 1,000 alerts. Once the limit is reached, no new alerts can be listed until old ones are cleared.

Click the button to the right of the description of each event to remove notifications individually. Alternatively, click the Clear History button in the bottom right corner of the box to delete the entire notification history.

Note: Notifications are not preserved between sessions. Industrial Security removes unread notifications from the list when the user logs out.