Welcome to Industrial Security 1.4.x

Last Updated: April 04, 2020

This user guide describes the Tenable® Industrial Security® version 1.4.x architecture, installation, operation, integration, and export of data to third parties. Please email any comments and suggestions to [email protected].

Tip: If you are new to Industrial Security, see the Workflow.

Industrial Security can:

  • Highlight all interactive and encrypted network sessions.

  • Detect when new assets are added to a network.

  • Track which systems are communicating and on which ports.

  • Detect which ports are served and which are browsed by each system.

  • Detect the number of hops to each monitored host.

Tip: For security purposes, Tenable does not recommend configuring Industrial Security as internet facing software.

To ensure a streamlined installation process, it is important to ensure the appropriate hardware, software, and licensing requirements are in place prior to installation.