Email Page

The Email page provides options for configuring email reporting for Industrial Security, including the recipients of the email notifications, what charts appear in email notifications, and the time and frequency with which email notifications are sent. In the Email Settings section, hover over an existing email notification and click the paper airplane icon to send a report immediately.

When you select the SMTP Server Settings tab, the following options for configuring the SMTP server appear:

Option Description


The host or IP of the SMTP server (e.g.,


The port of the SMTP server (e.g., 25).


The name that appears in the "From" line of the email report.

Industrial Security Location

The IP address or hostname for your Industrial Security server. This works only if the user that receives the email report can reach the Industrial Security host.

Auth Method

The method by which the SMTP server is authenticated. Supported methods are None, Plain, NTLM, Login, and CRAM-MD5.

Note: If this option is set to None, the Username and Password boxes are hidden.


The username used to authenticate to the SMTP server.


The password associated with the username, provided that a password is required by the SMTP server.