Vulnerabilities Page

The Vulnerabilities page provides a list of the vulnerabilities detected by the attached Nessus Network Monitors. You can view the vulnerabilities by asset or by plugin:

  • The By Asset tab shows the number of assets with vulnerabilities and their severity. Here, you can also see their system type, manufacturer, and other details.
  • The By Plugin tab shows the assets that are affected by the specific plugin and the severity of the vulnerability. Here, you can also see the family and vulnerability count.

Note: You can configure columns in the vulnerabilities table in the Settings section. For more information, see Set Display Preferences.

The Vulnerabilites page features the following functionality:

  • Use the Filter box to filter the Vulnerabilites page. To view a list of filterable plugin attributes, click the down arrow for any filter text field. Select Any or All to view matching results. The search box contains example hints when empty, but if you type an incorrect filter value, the box displays a red border.

    Note: After you set a filter on the Vulnerabilites page, it persists across all other pages until you clear the filter. For more information, see Filter Results.

  • Enable the Show Hostnames toggle to display the vulnerability's hostname. If the vulnerability does not have a hostname, then Industrial Security displays the associated IP address.
  • The Actions drop-down box allows you to export or delete results, apply a label to, or remove a label from one or more vulnerabilities.

    Note: After deleting results, you must restart Industrial Security to see the most up-to-date information.

  • The System Type column displays system type icons by color. The color represents the highest vulnerability severity associated with the asset.