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View Asset Details

Users in Industrial Security can view additional vulnerability, application, and connection information for any asset.

To view asset details:

  1. Click Monitoring > Assets.

    The Assets page appears.

  2. In the asset list, click the asset for which you want to view details.

    The Asset Details page appears. By default, the Vulnerabilities by Plugin tab opens.


    Summary Information
    Filter Use the Filter box to filter the table on each tab on the Asset Details page. To view a list of filterable plugin attributes, click the down arrow for any filter text field. Select Any or All to view matching results. The search box contains example hints when empty, but if you type an incorrect filter value, the box displays a red border.

    Note: After you set a filter on the Asset Details page, it persists across all other pages until you clear the filter. For more information, see Filter Results.

    Note: You cannot filter the Connections tab.

    Asset Details section

    View information about the asset:

    • IP Address - The IP address of the asset.
    • MAC Address - The MAC address of the asset.
    • Source - The source application on which the asset was detected.
    • Last Seen - The date and time at which the asset was last seen.
    • System Type - The system type associated with the asset.

      Tip: Click the Edit button to update the System Type. See Update Asset Attributes for more information.

    • Manufacturer - The manufacturer associated with the asset.
    • Purdue Level - Where the asset falls in the Purdue Reference Model for industrial control systems.

      Tip: Click the Edit button to update the Purdue Level. See Update Asset Attributes for more information.

    Protocols sectionView the protocols currently available for the asset.
    Labels sectionClick Add Label to label the asset. See Label Assets for more information.
    Vulnerabilities chartView a chart that organizes each vulnerability on the asset by severity.
    Vulnerabilities tab

    View a list of vulnerabilities detected on the asset in descending order of severity. The vulnerabilities list displays the name of each vulnerability, vulnerability family, and the number of vulnerabilities discovered.

    Select a vulnerability from the Vulnerabilities by Plugin tab to view additional plugin details.

    Applications tabView a list of applications detected on the asset. Applications appear in descending order of severity. The applications list displays the name and number of each application. Select an application from the list to display information about the application observed on this asset.
    Connections tab

    View a list of connections on the asset.

    • The Client Connections section lists hosts where the host is the client side of the communication.
    • The Server Connections tab lists hosts where the host is the server side of the communication.

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